The Low Temperature Distillation technology uses direct evaporators and condensers for a very efficient heat transfer and has the ability to operate at high concentrations (up to and into precipitation of the dissolved solids typically about 330’000 ppm) and achieve high conversion ratios – up to 88% from seawater.

The main applications are seawater desalination, brine concentration (capacity extension) for existing plants, wastewater from Oil and Gas exploration and various industrial wastewaters.

The Low Temperature Drying technology is built on advanced thermodynamics using the dry matter as a carrier. This greatly reduces the risks associated with other drying technologies, including eliminating the risks of clogging (no glue phase), dust/explosions and smell. Applications include drying of sewage sludge, drying of salt, pre-drying of lignite for coal fired power plants and various other industrial and agricultural applications.

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