The innovative patented drying process from LTDry is based on a low-pressure and low temperature system which allows the use of different heat sources (e.g. waste heat) with heat recovery. The wet feed material is mixed with preheated dry material. This ensures a safe and non-adhesive operation, even in case of varying conditions of the feed material. Horizontal heated screw conveyors transport and heat up the material in the drying module. As a result of temperature and pressure difference between evaporator and condenser and their physical connection, vapor is allowed to flow from the warmer (high-pressure) evaporator side to the cooler (low-pressure) condenser side. Condensation process can only be kept running, if energy from condensation can be removed from the system by a recooling system. At the end of the drying process most of the dried material (dry matter 90-95%) is lead again to the circulation and the mixer. A lower amount is conveyed from evaporator to the sieve, where, depending on quality requirements, material is separated into a bad fraction, which is mixed again with the wet feed material, and a good fraction which can be removed from the system for disposal.

LTDry advantages

  • Robust and simple process, tolerant towards different properties of the feed material and changing temperatures of the heat source
  • High drying performance, high degree of dryness
  • Low emissions (odor, noise, dust)
  • Energy-efficient process: use of waste heat, heat recovery (low energy costs)
  • Low-cost and safe operation
  • User optimized maintenance

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