The patented and award winning LTDis technology is a thermal process using specially designed direct-contact condensers for effective heat transfer. The process uses low grade heat from various sources with only small temperature differentials (<10 K) between the heat and re-cooling sources required.  The process can also desalinate highly saline feed-water (including brine from existing desalination plants) and is also able to purify polluted water.

A typical LTDis plant

The plant is typically designed to be simple and robust, yet very effective. It consists of:

  • Evaporation and condensation chambers where billions of water droplets from a large, robust and cost effective surface (there are no tube bundles nor membranes).
  • External plate heat exchangers (titanium) with no phase change on the surface, thus greatly reducing the risk of scaling, with only limited pre-treatment required.
  • Pumps (including a vacuum pump), sensors, piping and a control panel.

Type of feed-water and applications

The LTDis plant utilises feed-water from numerous sources:

LTDis unique offering

  • The thermodynamics are similar to MED, but without the disadvantage of the tube bundles.
  • There are no heat exchangers in the stages.
  • There is no phase change on the surface of the heat exchangers.
  • A unique spraying and control system optimize the efficiency.
  • Can handle certain amount of oil in feed source without any pre-treatment.
  • The process is very tolerant to salinity and is not limited to treating seawater, but also polluted water, brine from other desalination plants and various industrial wastewater, including produced water from oil and gas exploration and mining which could typically be problematic to deal with.

    Enlarge LTDis Flow Sheet
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