The company

Established in 2013, Thermal Purification Technologies Limited (TPTec) is a clean-tech start-up focusing on developing new, clean and efficient technologies for multiple applications in the water sector.

The company is focused on providing complete solutions for cleaning seawater, brine and polluted water including separation of water and solids. In its technologies, TPTec uses advanced thermodynamics to build simple, robust and efficient plants that can use existing waste or low value streams to purify challenging feeds with a minimum of residual effluents.


TPTec’s technology portfolio includes LTDis® (Low Temperature Distillation) and LTDry® (Low Temperature Drying). Both technologies have been developed to full scale plants and are now available for commercialization:

Business Model

The business model for TPTec is to remain a technology developer forming strategic partnerships with competent systems integrators/industrial partners/investors covering specific geographies and or applications.


In 2014, Dubai-based Metito formed a strategic partnership to introduce LTDis in markets across Asia and Africa, where the feasibility of desalination and the resources required for water and wastewater purification continues to be a challenge.

Since 2016, TPTec has a strategic partnership with Crystal Clearwater Resources in Frisco TX, in order to introduce technologies in the markets of the USA and South America.


Headquartered in Guernsey, Great Britain, TPTec has an operating branch in Switzerland where a focused team continues developing, refining and implementing technologies for multiple applications in the water sector.

Our partners

Simple, Robust & Efficient Water Purification Solutions

Metito is the leader and provider for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets.

Your contacts at TPTec

Mark Lehmann
CTO, Member of the Board of Directors
+41 62 544 93 80
Jutta Römmelt
Marketing and Project Manager
+41 62 544 93 82
Jan Lukas Lehmann
Operations Manager
+41 62 544 93 81
Johannes Wellmann
Doktor of Engineering
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Rebekka Merz
Head of System Integration
+41 62 544 98 80
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