Increasingly Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is required for water projects – conventional desalination, brine concentration or the cleaning of highly polluted industrial and O&G wastewater.

Combining LTDis (Low Temperature Distillation) from TPTec (Thermal Purification Technologies) and LTDry (Low Temperature Drying)
from LTDry AG offers robust, efficient and economical solutions to ZLD - including full separation of water and solids.

The LTDis technology uses direct evaporators and condensers (no tube bundles/membranes) to clean challenging feeds. LTDis can go up to and into precipitation of the dissolved solids (330’000 ppm, with or without hydrocarbons).

The LTDry (Low Temperature Drying) technology is built on the same principles, where the dry material is used as a carrier for the process to take place. This greatly reduces the problems associated with clogging (no glue phase), dust/explosion and smell.

Either alone or in combination, the technologies offer an ideal route to ZLD. The objective is to achieve a near 100% removal of the water in the feed, irrespective of whether this is seawater, brine or polluted water.

LTDis and LTDry: the flexible and economical way to ZLD.

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